A Mountaintop View of Faith is an anointed, truthful and empowering book on God’s promise, your faith, and victory over everyday adversity. It is a hard hitting, provocative, and exhilarating work written to empower, especially believers, to deepen their faith and be encouraged even facing seemingly impossible adversities. Pastor Maldon encourages us to deepen our faith to reach a pinnacle mountaintop perspective of God. 
In his book In the Shadow of Angels,, Charles Maldon reflects upon that season of his life when he was without the peace of God. He presents the contribution of several extraordinary saints whom he addresses as angels who are largely responsible for his journey and victory into the perfect peace of God. He reveals the uniqueness of each angel and relates the love and care provided by each when he needed someone to encourage and stand by him on his march toward his purpose and calling in God.

In "Someone Misplaced My Identity: God Can You Help Me?" Pastor Maldon creates a powerful argument directed at every Black person who is caught up in materialistic things, money, sex, and the power syndrome of the world. The book speaks to the identity crisis plaguing American Blacks in its historical context, from slavery going forward to today's permissive and value-challenged environment.  He offers relationship and fellowship with Christ as the only mean to spiritual maturity and true identity.
Our contemporary society is bombarded with conflicting morals and values. One of which is a behavior called "players" causing hurt to many women, families and disappointing Jesus Christ. Pastor Maldon addresses the time issue of "players" urging all men, especially Christian men everywhere to reclaim their self-respect as is God's divinely ordained plan for them.